Sunday, 7 September 2014

Frailty of Memory

Frailty of Memory

I am frightened that my memory’s frail
I am frightened that my memories fail

I walk, from there to here
Through the door
What did I wanted
Where was I going
Going to do

I take pictures to remind me of where I have been
Of what I’ve seen
Of things I need to remember
People I meet, write down their name
Remember the face forgotten the name
Silly isn’t it I’ve forgotten again

I record conversations
Which I later transcribe
Scribbles on paper
Won’t do anymore

I make lists and lists
To-do lists
Shopping lists
Lists of lists
What list?

I park my car and note the floor
I take a photo
To remember the space
I leave my car and wonder where
What place, what floor
Will it be there

I increasingly rely on my aides memoir
My concern is
Will I remember
Where my memoirs are

As one grows old the the frailty of memory is all too apparent. I can not imagine a worse end than being deprived of ones memories and the comfort of nostalgia.
I only realised after I had written the poem that the stanza's are of unequal length. As I am a poetry novice I am not eve sure if this is permissible! Who cares...

Alistair Parker
7th September 2014