Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Memories from Marks

Album photo turn the pages
Fid a photo memories old
Text and pictures don’t agree
Missing memories very strange
Place and person they’re ok
Click of shutter can’t be heard
Find another
They’re so similar
Why so after all this time

Think of snapshots
Where do they come from?
Memories are made of this
Tiger’s pigs and buffaloes
Upon the walls of caves
Scratches scribbles marks on marks
Hand prints saying I was here

Pin of light falls on the ground
See the sun and moon and stars
Darkened room and knotted walls
Pictures painting walls with light
Upside down and inside out
Eyeball Oxen lens and soul
See you saw it’s upside down

Mirror mirror curved and bright
Cast an image in the night
Lenses glasses looking seeing
Magnifying help in seeing
Marks are made for not to forget
To remember to recall
Unconscious thoughts and

Writing drawing memory
Visit beauty view sublime
Sketch it view it on a screen
Magical to paint with light
Silver darkens shadows seen
On the magic little screen
Frame the world for you to see
To see a different world
Remember this for all to see
Both now and who knows when

Capture that with marks of light

A poem inspired by my research into the origins of photography for my PhD Thesis

Alistair J Parker
Written 27.5.16