Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Book Pile Poem - A Snapshot of Eternity

Book Spine Poetry is an internet meme that goes back to the work of artist Nina Katchadourian. In the early 1990s, she took photographs of stacked book titles that, when read together, created short sentences and stories.

More than decade later, the internet was in full swing and Katchadourian’s work inspired a viral revolution with its own hashtag, #bookspinepoetry. The meme is still going strong after more than five years. That’s an internet legacy.

I have interpreted the meme in such a way the the titles of the pile of books I used, provided the inspiration for a completely separate poem. Although it would be possible to consider the titles of the pile of books as a poem it its own right.

The original blog post that triggered this is outburst of creativity is here:-http://www.pbs.org/parents/adventures-in-learning/2015/04/book-spine-poetry/

The pile of books that inspired this poem

Creative minds evolve and seek solutions in the mind
To trap the things that we can see
To share, remember, to see again
Simple things and prepared minds
Find ways to trap the everyday
To turn today into tomorrow

With tools and technology we create
Each wild idea we tame and twist
In dark, rooms and sheds we toil
We merge the most unlikely thoughts
Of art and things, machines and minds
To help us visualise the world

In different ways to other souls
To trap the things the eye can see
Memories of things, we want to share
With those we love, for whom we care
Before the ravages of time destroy
Frail memories crumble and decay

We try to remember what we thought
Think a thought and it is gone
Pass the threshold, disappeared
Deleted, lost for ever more
Or so we thought, we turn the page
The thoughts of yesterday return

The taste, the smell, snapshots of the past
Return like vivid pictures, in the mind
Deleted now but never gone
Our memories live there on and on
In things, we like to store away
Things we’ll miss when they are gone

We thank creative minds that toil
To help us to recall the things that we forget
A photograph is all we need
To save, for ourselves and others too
Like insects trapped in golden amber
Our memories preserved for all to see

A snapshot of eternity…

Alistair J Parker
7th April 2016

Monday, 12 September 2016

What’s in a beard?

Crumbs from breakfast
Bits of egg
Sticky Jam
And hint of ham

Slurps of tea
The smell of beer
Coffee Cocoa
Completes the set

Scratch it
Lick it
Suck it pot
Or save for later
That’s beardy joy

The second of two poems inspired by a visit to my local Barbers Shop.

Alistair J Parker
12th September 2016


Hairy chins
Curly chops
Scrubby stubble
Fluff face

Manly moustache
Matey bush
Bushy sideburns
Hairy Muff

Twiddle pointy
Handle bars
Up they curly
Down they droop

Full set navy
Chin strap guards
Goaty artist
Stubble brush

Van Dyke swanky
Verdi twirl
Balbo pointy
Bandaloz the works

Trimmed and tweaked
Saucered and blowed
Oiled and waxed
Good to go

One of two poems inspired by a visit to my local Barbers Shop

Alistair J Parker
12th September 2016