Monday, 16 February 2015

Spring is Coming

The sun shines a bright warm glow, feel it on my back
I bend to clear the brown crumpled leaves that hide in each corner
They crinkle and shatter, dry and parched by the winter frost
Brown stems with fronds and their seeds wave in the breeze
The green shoots peep cautiously from their stems
Chop and cut and tidy up the remnants of past displays of colour and smell
Smell of earth as soils is woken from a winter slumber
Brown and crumbly wriggling worms and tiny slugs re-seek the dark
Life is stirring in the sun the ragged shapes stretch up seeking warmth
Light is life climbers climb and weeds lurk waiting for the chance to grow
Raking brushing snipping digging order emerges from the tangled chaos
Breathing hope a New Year dawns the shoots of spring spring forth
The smoke it smells of woody things and spirals high to turn to ash and disappear
Looking neater cut the grass the sun is fading chilly long shadows form
Soon the chirping birds will come with bursting buds and pussy willow
Then we’ll know when nature stirs and days grow longer Spring has sprung

Written on a warm spring like day in anticipation of its imminent arrival.

Alistair J Parker
16th February 2015

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Love is Strange

Love is strange
It wanders on
It wanders round and round and round
It wanders here it wanders there
It never goes it only grows
It grows and grows and grows and grows
I hope it shows in things I do
The things I do I do for you
Not always what you want I know
I love you so I love you so
I want to tell you
So you know
I love you

To my wife
This was designed to fit inside a heart shape

Ode to a Traffic Warden - You know who you are

Find a space
Park the car
Ignore the rain
Where to pay

How long
How much
Where is the thing
The robot meter
Feeds on coins
Spews out tickets
With sticky back
Fix on windows
Blow away
How much is it
How long to stay

The same old thing
Its every day
Pull it out
Stick it on
Where the warden
The little Hitler
Pain in the arse
Why do we hate them
Sneaky ways
Lurking gaze
Wait to pounce
When time is up

So careful when you park your car
Buy a ticket
Set your clock
Check the car's
Between the lines
Check the time
So you will know
Don’t forget
They’ve seen you go

You walk away 
Without a care
Your head is floating in the air
Dashing off
To do the shop
Stop for coffee
Bloody hell
Inside the head there rings a bell
Forgot to set the bloody clock
Got no ticket
Oh my god

Me time is up
It’s time to go, 
Forgot the ticket 
Oh bloody no
The bloody wardens
Bound to know
They have a second sense you know
The day you want her far away
You know she’s on her bloody way

Too late you cry 
The bastards struck
She’s checking times
What effin luck
A yellow sticker on the screen
It makes you want to bloody scream

So when you park your car today
Check before you walk away
You’ve set the clock
Or bought a sticker
You don’t want Hitler 
To wet her knickers
Another dozy bloody Parker
That’s ten to day
Forgot to pay
Just wait till I gets me pay
No need to work another day! 

Fat chance…

Written with feeling as they say. Not all Traffic Wardens are pariahs we know but this one is...

Alistair Parker
12th February 2015