Monday, 24 April 2017

Feeling Sad

Tears well up nowhere to go
They trickle down your cheek
Feel the warm damp tears fall
A symbol of the fear you feel
The thoughts of what may have been
Tears well up and make you sad
You’re just so glad it wasn’t you
Or anyone you love
But it was someone who you don’t know
Someone who is wracked with fear
Fear of what they saw that night
Will haunt them evermore
What they saw, what may have been
Will haunt them on and on

You feel ok and then you’re not
The mind is playing tricks
Kind words and thoughts from ones you love
Help only for a time
Before the thoughts come back again
And tears begin to well
Imagining what might have been
Your mind is in a whirl
Dab your eyes and wipe the tears away
Remember those less blessed than you
Count your blessings hold and hug
The ones you love so dear
And hope that love will wipe away
The teardrops and the fear

This poem was inspired by the effect of being caught up in the bombing of the Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017. Waiting for two granddaughters and their two friends to emerge from the carnage and confusion was a life-changing experience. I could not have anticipated the emotional impact the experience has had. Pleased to say everyone was safe but, I suspect, the children will carry the emotional scar for life.

24 May 2017

Sunday, 23 April 2017

My First Book of Poetry - Remembering

My first book of poetry was created and 
published in Blurb for my own
amusement and as a gift for friends and 
family - Remembering 

The title came from the first poem I wrote
which was about remembering the place 
where I spent so many of my childhood holidays.

Many of other poems are also inspired by 
nostalgic memories.

Each poem is accompanied by a photograph 

and an explanation of the inspiration that 
prompted me to write it.

Updated 14.02.2019

The book can be purchased as a print book or downloaded from here as an Ebook.