Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ode to a Tree

Roots run
Rings grow
Trunks soar
Boughs break
Branches sway
Twigs twine
Leaves turn
Russet brown
Flutter down
Autumn mists
Crispy frost
Wicked Wind
Blow and blow
Trees are bare
Snow falls
Melts away
Sun shines
Spring springs
Buds burst
Leaves uncurl
Green bright
Seeking light
Breath in
Breath out
Waft and wave
Tall and great
Trees are live
Trees are life
Talk to them
Tell them all
How magnificent
How great
How tall
A Tree

You cannot help but notice trees at this time of year, their leaves are everywhere, magnificent things that they are...

Alistair J Parker
14th November 2014

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Remember Remember

Flash bang
Zip zap
Crashes flashes
Smell of smoke
Flames rush skywards
Showers of sparks
Smell of chestnuts
Black hot spuds
Treacle toffee
Sticky and sweet
Rockets soar
Bangers bang
Roman candles
Golden spray
Light the sparklers
Twirl them round
Persistent patterns
Linger long
Embers glowing
Huddle round
Crisp and frosty
Warming hands
In the distance
Fading bangs
Waving torch
We wander home
The guy is gone
We sing his song
Remember, remember
The 5th of November

Not about memory but the childish pleasure of noise and light and very load bangs. The irony is most people have forgotten or never knew what it is they are remembering...

Alistair Parker
5th November 2014