Friday, 21 August 2020

One Shade of Grey

One shade of grey today 

Dark grey dominating clouds

Leaden clouds of grey

The grey weighs heavily today

One shade of grey today

Will it be grey all day today

Maybe wind will blow away

The grey sky of today

One shade of grey today

Even rain is grey today

Will it wash away the grey

Or will it be the wind 

That blows away the grey

Yet another poem inspired by the weird mixed weather we are having this summer. After a couple of sunny early morning rises, this morning was dark and very grey. Hence the words. I am not sure if it's allowed but I finished off with a one-line verse if that is what you call it! I started off calling it 40 Shades of Grey but chickened out!


Monday, 27 July 2020


Rain is dancing drippily on the roof
Gathering into the gurgling gutters
Splashing down the water spouts
Waiting in the water butts for a dry day
To emerge again in gulps for the garden
Wiggly wandering from the watering can 
To give a drink to parched plants, weeds and worms

Inspired by the evocative sound of rain falling on the conservatory roof and gurgling down the gutter whilst I drink my morning coffee.

27 July 2020

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Drizzly Dawn

Drizzle drops delicately down
Drenching damp dour droplets
Damp dripping dreary dawn

Prompted by another dreary drizzly morning.
Thursday 16th July 2020

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Woman Child Backpack

Woman and Child carrying Backpack
Holding hands, hurrying, coats a akimbo
Where are they going, why?
She looks strained, sad, worried
Is she coping, are they alone
Scared, depressed, frightened
That’s how they look
Difficult times at the best of times
Bills to pay, jobs to find
Benefits so hard to get
How do you cope from day today
All on your own with just a child
No one to ask, no one who cares
No one who loves no one to love
It makes me sad to see them so
I want to help but how?

I am moved to write by the sight, whilst driving to the shop's this morning, of a young mum and her child who was carrying a Backpack. The sight evoked an emotion in me, it was something that may have gone unnoticed in normal times, but we are in week 6 of the Covid19 lockdown and emotions are starting to run high.

1st May 2020

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Spring Springing

A lifeless twig or so it looks 
All brown and dry and looking dead 
But no it’s sprouting little sprouts 
Bright green and furled and bursting buds 
Nature springs from cold dark days 
To seek the sun and warmth and air 
That heralds new days and weather fair 
And then the frost falls harsh and cruel 
Snipping off those too tender shoots of promise 

Inspired by the inevitable arrival of Spring


Friday, 10 April 2020

Mr Robin

Delightful flutter scarlet breast
Alights beside me as I dig
Fearless friendly brave and bold
Mr Robin a friend of old

Trusting innocent and daring do
Reassuring chirping song
Sharing worms as both we dig
Such trusting friendship his to give

Originally written on Christmas day 2016 inspired by the occasion and the time of year. But I am publishing on my Blog, Easter 2020 because in the last couple of weeks Mr Robin has become an important part of my daily routine in the garden. We have a chat, well I speak to him and he listens, and when I am digging he is never far from the action ready to dive in for a wiggly worm. Thank you friendly Mr Robin who graces my garden the year-round for your friendship in these troubled times.

Written: 25th December 2019 Updated: 10th April 2020 

Thursday, 9 April 2020

To Shed a Tear - An Emotion Unexplained

To shed a tear 
Is nature’s way
Of telling us
Of something we don’t understand
The sound of music
A kindly act
The show of caring
A poignant act

To shed a tear 
Comes, from deep within 
We can’t control
The tear that starts to roll
Down one's cheek
At special times
That touch the heart 
Some-thing within
Just, wells up

Nostalgic moments
Lost in thoughts
We think of those
No longer here
Of those too frail 
We have to care
For those alone
No one to care
No one to care

Intake of breath
Almost a sigh
You feel the… 
The tear form 
In your eye
Those times 
When you can’t help but
shed a tear 
An emotion unexplained

Alistair Parker
2nd January 2015

Inspired by an increasing tendency to find myself tearing-up on the most unlikely occasions, often the result of a simple act of kindness. 

UPDATE 9th April 2020: Although this was written 5 years ago it is even more poignant at the current time. There are so many occasions when one feels emotionally overwhelmed. I had to renew my Car insurance a few days ago. I thanked the young lady who dealt with it on the phone for her kindness and immediately burst into tears and had a good sob! I am tearing up typing this…