Friday, 6 September 2019


Ivy shoots from the darkest ground
Seeking light, the tips emerge
To stretch out wavering upwards
Touching searching for a hold
To aid its climb as up it goes
It branches out to cover ground
Walls and stone and wooden things
Clinging as it seeks to anchor fronds
Little fingers clinging tight
As it searches for the light
Waxen leaves the darkest green 
Dither in the slightest breeze
Cloaking all as time does by
Enveloping a tree or wall, a hall
A tangly home for birds and things that crawl
Flowers insignificant but vital food
For bees and insects as days pass
From summer into autumn time
The ivy clings and grows and cloaks
More than ever meets the eye
The ivy reaches to the sky


Inspired by watching the Ivy in my garden being battered and torn by the rain and twisting wind.

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